Cantiere nello specchio - Yard in the mirror

La settimana scorsa mentre ero in fila al semaforo in zona San Giovanni, "qualcosa" cattura l'attenzione alla mia sinistra.
Nelle vetrate del grande magazzino COIN, si vedevano riflesse le gru e i machinari del cantiere per la nuova linea C della Metropolitana.

Potevo farmi sfuggire un'occasione così ghiotta per scattare una foto?
Last week while I was in line at traffic lights near San Giovanni, "something" catches the attention to my left.

In the glass of the department store COIN, you saw reflected cranes and machines of the yard for the new Metro C line.

Could I miss an opportunity to take a picture so greedy??


  1. What an interesting reflection... This crane looks more poetical than ever... I see it as the nek of some metallical giraffe...

  2. A wonderful reflection. Definately not to be missed!

  3. Excellent reflection photo! I'm glad that you spotted it and took the shot. :)


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