Night Shot Monday - 06

Sesto Night Shot Moonday.

Uno dei moltissimi hotel di Roma.
Questo si trova non lontano da Via Veneto
Sixth Nightshot Monday.

One of the many hotels in Rome.
This is not far from Via Veneto

Night Shot Monday - 06

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  1. What a great Night Shot! Such a lovely hotel all lit up! I have my meme photo set to auto-post tomorrow morning at 6 am!

  2. Hello Leif, do not forget to come here and add the Link.


  3. Hotels are always great night photography subject, the lights are just amazing like your capture here.

    I've made a listing of almost all the memes- I still haven't finsihed though and would like to know when is Night shot created. Kindly advise. Thanks!

  4. Thanks to all.

    The first Night Shot Mondany is dated 14 Feb 2011 (Valentine's Day).


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