Ponte Nenni - Nenni Bridge

Qualche giorno fa ho parlato delle pioggie torrenziali che si sono abbattute sull'Italia (vedi post).

Confrontando le due foto si capisce benissimo il livello raggiunto dal Tevere...

Ponte Nenni non è certo un esempio di bellezza artistica. Costruito tra il 1969 e il 1972, verrà aperto al traffico soltanto nel 1980 in concomitanza dell'inaugurazione della seconda metropolitana di Roma (vedi post).

Ponte Nenni è lungo 121 metri ed ha tre campate in cemento armato.

P.S. Vi aspetto domani per il quarto Monday night Shot
A few days ago I talked about about the torrential rains that hit Italy (see post) .

Comparing the two photos you understand very well the level reached by the Tiber ...

Ponte Nenni is certainly not an example of artistic beauty. Built between 1969 and 1972, has been opened to traffic only in 1980 to coincide the opening of the second subway in Rome (see post).

The bridge is 121 meters long and has three spans of reinforced concrete.

P.S. See you tomorrow for the fourth Monday night Shot


  1. Oh, my goodness. The water really did rise very high. You can see the waterline on the structure. The modern bridge is nice in its own way, but the older one in the background is beautiful...your typical European arched stone bridge. I enjoyed seeing the contrast of the water level in the photos and the different styles of bridge architecture. A great post.

  2. Thank you, Genie.

    If you like the bridge in the background, check out here
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