Tevere in piena - Raging Tiber

Negli ultimi giorni su tutta l'Italia ha piovuto a dirotto, causando inondiazioni e frane.

Ingenti i danni in alcune regioni e ci sono state anche delel vittime.
A Roma ce la siamo cavata con il solito caos urbano (traffico in tilt) e con un Tevere in piena più minaccioso che mai.

Nella foto, potete vedere bene il livello raggiunto dall'acqua.

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In recent days all over Italy has rained heavily, causing floods and landslides.

We had extensive damage in some regions and there were also victims. In Rome, we managed with the usual hustle and bustle (traffic haywire) and a raging Tiber more threatening than ever.

In the photo, you can clearly see the level reached by water.

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This is for Watery Wednesday 129. Please click here to see more watery photos.


  1. Wow, had no idea of floods in Italy! Stay dry, Friend!

  2. That is a lot of water. I hope it dries up for you soon.

  3. Thanks friends.
    Rest assured, as I wrote in my post, here in Rome we are not in danger....


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