Batman & Superman

Chi non conosce gli alter ego di Bruce Wayne e Clark Kent?

In questa scultura fanno il verso alla Creazione di Adamo di Michelangelo...

Vi aspetto Lunedì per il Monday Night Shot!

Who doesn't know the alter ego of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent?

If you have a deja vu, take a look at Michelangelo's Creation of Adam...

See you Monday for the Monday Night Shot!


  1. A wonderful statue, and so amusing! Thank you for this fine photo.

  2. How wonderfully funny. Never seen anything like it. How cheerful life would be if there were more statues like this.


  3. Thanks!

    The statue is part of the first edition of The Inernational Exhibition of Sculpture in Rome.

    I took more photos that maybe I will publish in the future...


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