Doh, Ciambelle! - Doh, Donuts!

Ve lo immaginate Homer Simpson davanti a tutte queste ciambelle "king size"?

Solo a guardarle mi viene l'acquolina in bocca!

P.S. Vi aspetto lunedì per il quarto Monday night Shot!

Can you imagine Homer Simpson in front of all these donuts "king size "?

Just look at them I was salivating!

P.S. See you monday for the fourth Monday night Shot

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  1. Buongiorno, Francesco. Thanks for all your posts, I like them a lot. They bring back memories of my trips to Rome. You live in a beautiful city and there are so many sites and interesting things to be photographed.

    I find your blog very interesting so I am signing up as one of your followers. All the best!


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