In occasione dei 150 anni d'unità d'Italia, in giro per la città sono stati allestiti dei piccoli musei tematici per ogni regione d'Italia.

Nella foto due abiti femminili storici dell'Abruzzo.

On the occasion of 150 years of united Italy, around the city were set up small thematic museums for every region of Italy.

In the picture two  historical women's clothing of Abruzzo.
Il Monday Night Shot
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The Monday Night Shot
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  1. These dolls are so well crafted, and look special. Each region must have wanted to maintain as well as showcase their heritage. The individual histories of each place should continue and not be lost - we hope...

  2. So interesting to see! I'd love to visit Rome, in fact it was hard to not jump on a train and go there, but our time was so limited. If I go I'd love to meet.

  3. Thanks Ralph.

    T. If and when you come to Rome, I'll be your cicerone, I promis!


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