Night Shot Monday - 22

Ventidueimo Night Shot Moonday.

Nel weekend a Guidonia (20 Km da Roma) si è tenuto il Fairyland Festival, un Festival di Cultura celtica.

Bancarelle, pub e punti ristoro facevano da cornice ai concerti di musica celtica.

Non so se vi piace il genere, ma è stata una serata molto piacevole.
Twenty second Moonday Night Shot.

Over the weekend in Guidonia (20 km from Rome) took place Fairyland Festival, a Festival of Celtic Culture.

Stalls, pubs and restaurants were the backdrop for concerts of Celtic music.

I do not know if you like the genre, but it was a very enjoyable evening.

Night Shot Monday - 22

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  1. Sounds like an interesting event! I like the way you captured the light on the cross.

  2. Yes James, if you like the genre, is a very pleasant festival.

    Thanks for the comment and for joining the meme!


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