Legione Romana - Roman Legion

La legione romana era l'unità militare di base dell'esercito romano.
Inizialmente costituita da 3000 fanti e 300 cavalieri, in età imperiale arrivò a essere costituita da 5.500 soldati.

Ma non credo che nella vetrina c'entrassero tutti...
The Roman Legion was the basic military unit of the Roman army.
Initially consisting of 3000 infantry and 300 Cavalry, in the Imperial Age came to consist of 5,500 soldiers.

But I don't think there were all in the window ...

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  1. The legion looks like it's in "the turtle" where the inside soldiers put the shields above their heads and the outside guys carry traditionally. I love the image, the reflections, the detail.
    I keep meaning to link to night shots....I took a couple last night, maybe that's a good reason to jump on board.


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