Night Shot Monday - 66

66° Night Shot Monday.

Avete mai pensato di affittare un bus per farci una festa dentro mentre vi poratano in giro per la città?
66th Night Shot Monday.

Have you ever thought of renting a bus for a party while bring you around the city?

Night Shot Monday - 66

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 Monday Night Shot - 66

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 Monday Night Shot - 66


  1. Can't say that I have, But it might work.

    1. I think that goes well especially for adolescents.

      When I was 18 I probably would doom false papers to a party like this...


  2. Interesting shot, unfortunately the linky won't work and gives me an invalid parameter response: So here is the link to my post:

    You will have to copy and post it as stupid Blogger won't accept the html either.

  3. Hi jane.

    Seem there's a problem on the server of Linky tools.
    I've sent an e-mail to the admin...

    Hoping it will be fixed very soon.

    In meantime, thank you for joining my meme!


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