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Angelo – Angel

Ecco cosa possono fare insieme un teleobiettivo. da 600mm e un bel pomeriggio di sole.

L’angelo nella foto si trova in cima a Castel Sant’Angelo.

L’attuale angelo in bronzo (opera di Pierre van Verschaffelt del 1753) è in realtà il sesto a vegliare Roma dalla cima del castello. Il primo angelo era in legno, il secondo era di marmo, ma fu distrutto nel 1379 durante un assedio. Nel 1453 fu il turno di un angelo di marmo con le ali di bronzo, che venne distrutto nel 1497 da un fulmine (che fece anche esplodere una polveriera nel castello).
Il successore, un angelo di bronzo dorato, venne fuso nel 1527  per farne dei cannoni. Infine fu la volta di una statua in marmo con le ali di bronzo di Raffaello da Montelupo risalente al XVI secolo (attualmente visibile nel Cortile dell’Angelo).

Vi aspetto Lunedì per il Monday Night Shot!

Here’s what you can do with a telephoto lens (600 mm) and a nice sunny afternoon.

The Angel in the photo is located on top of Castel Sant’Angelo.

The current bronze Angel (by Pierre van Verschaffelt in 1753) is actually the sixth to ensure Roma from the top of the Castle.
The first angel was made of wood, the second was of marble but was destroyed in 1379, during a siege. In 1453 it was the turn of a marble Angel with wings made of bronze, which was destroyed by a lightning in 1497 (which he also detonated a powder keg in the Castle).

His successor, an Angel of gilt bronze, was melted down in 1527, to make cannons. Finally it was the turn of a marble statue with wings of bronze by Raffaello da Montelupo dating from the 16th century (currently visible in the courtyard of the Angel).

See you Monday for the Monday Night Shot!

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  1. The angel looks like she is going to take flight right at this moment. Love the linear addition with the wires. This is such an interesting photo with perfect lighting. Lovely composition.

  2. It's a commentary on the pathetic nature of violence. Life has gone on but the angel is left behind, still wielding his swords, and now all tangled up with the modern wires. If only war were as much an anachronism.


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