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Tramonto a Montebuono – Sunset in Montebuono

Ho finalmente iniziato a “giocare” con le impostazioni manuali della Lumix FZ45.

Il cielo era tutto arancione, e non volevo che il muretto sulla destra fosse troppo presente e rubasse la scena. Cosi’ ho impostato un valore di Iso basso (80) e ho chiuso l’obiettivo a f/8. Non avevo con me il cavalletto e per evitare tremolii ho impostato un tempo di esposizione molto basso (1/250).

Qui e qui altre due foto scattate a Montebuono.

I finally started to “play” with the manual settings on the Lumix FZ45.

The sky was completely orange, and I did not want the wall on the right was too present and steals the scene. So ‘I set a low value of Iso (80) and I closed the lens at f / 8. I did not have with me the tripod to avoid camera shake, and I set a very low exposure time (1 / 250).

Here and here two other photos taken in Montebuono.

Questa settimana è in corso il
 Monday Night Shot – 29.
This week is under way on  Monday Night Shot – 29.

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6 commenti su “Tramonto a Montebuono – Sunset in Montebuono”

  1. I have joined the Skywatch meme for the first time this week, calling by to visit you as another participant.

    Stunning photo to welcome me to your blog for the first time. We have enjoyed some beautiful skies in Italy this week,

  2. Thanks Tatjana! It 's always a pleasure to receive your comments!

    LindyLouMac in Italy, thanks for the visit! I hope to see you again!

    Sylvia! What a pleasure to see you again! Did you have a good summer?

  3. Beautiful shot, love the way you caught the sun between the jutting stones. Your two night shots are great, I especially like the one of the street with the lamp.

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