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Fiori e frutta – Flowers and fruit

Fiori, mele, pomodori, insalata…

Ma se un ristorante t’invita così, si può ressitere?

Flowers, apples, tomatoes, lettuce …

But if a restaurant invites you so, can you resist?

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Ruby Tuesday

3 commenti su “Fiori e frutta – Flowers and fruit”

  1. So colorful and refreshing! Thank you for a glimpse of your city!


    Red hat, I am lonesome.
    Red hat, are you free?
    Red hat, please consider
    Coming home with me.

    I need a companion,
    One who’ll warm my head;
    I think you’ll do nicely,
    Hat of brilliant red.

    You’re the warmest color,
    Not like blue or green—
    Red hat at the vendor’s,
    Red hat, you’re my queen.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Artisan in Red

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